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The residents of Vancouver as well as the Province of British Columbia are passionate fans of the Vancouver Canucks. The enthusiasm for this team is certainly on the same level as you would find in other cities in other countries whose favourite sport is probably not hockey.

Vancouver residents love the Vancouver Canucks to put it mildly. Many will dress up in the colours of the team from wearing the team jersey to painting their faces. Its not uncommon to see people wearing all kinds of apparel throughout the year, even when the season is over, just to support the team.

During game day the bars, pubs and restaurants ( that have TVs ) will fill up with fans eager to watch the game if they don't have tickets. And you can have as much fun watching a game like this without being at the game itself.

Below is some information to help you have a very enjoyable experiance watching the Vancouver Canucks the next time your are in our city.

Rogers Arena

Rogers Arena is the name of the ice rink that the Vancouver Canucks play their home games in.

Rogers Arena
800 Griffiths Way
Vancouver, B.C.
V6B 6G1

Telephone: 604.899.7400

If you are travelling to a game or event at Rogers arena there are some terrific hotels that are very close to Rogers Arena.

GM Place: for out of town visitors I have noticed that some hotel search engines will refer to GM place as an attraction or destination. Please note that Rogers Arena is formerly known as GM Place.

Vancouver Canucks Schedule

The Vancouver Canucks Schedule runs from early October through to the begining of April. If they make the playoffs the season could extend into early June. Please visit the website of the National Hockey League (NHL) for the current Vancouver Canucks Schedule.

Vancouver Canucks Tickets

The Vancouver Canucks have sold every single home game since 2002. I recommend that you visit the official Vancouver Canucks website for information on tickets. They have information on various programs, ticket exchanges and information on how to safely find a ticket to a home game.

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