Flying Tips For All Travelers

Welcome to our 'Flying Tips' page where you can find tips on how to fly comfortably, easily and safely! Pay attention to these tips and take note of them before you take off and while you are in the air. Your flight to your destination is meant to be a comfortable one, so sit back, relax and enjoy! Have a safe trip!

Flying Tips

Tip #1: Discuss Your Meal Options Before You Fly

If you are a vegetarian, or have special dietary needs, you should talk about this with your travel booking agent so that the airline can make the adjustments. Some airlines have the option where you can state your menu requirements online, while booking.

Tip #2: Select Your Seat Before You Fly

The worst thing is arriving at the airport and they only have a middle seat or and aisle seat if you only like the window seat and visa versa. Try and book the seat online when you buy your ticket or make sure the agent knows of your requirements. Nowadays, most airlines give you an online seating chart to choose from when you book your flight. They should also be able to accommodate you if you have special needs such as height restrictions or physical health issues. Just ask!

Tip #3: Agua! Water!

With the new flight restrictions you cannot bring bottles of water on board but make sure you ask for water when in flight. It is always good to re-hydrate yourself on a flight(even more so if you are indulging in a few cocktails:-) and it is so important for your health as you fly sky high! You will feel more energized and awake when you land. It will also help with the jetlag recovery if you are flying long distances.

Tip #4: BYO! Bring Your Own!

Bring your own snack food with you in your carry on baggage just in case you don't favor the snacks on board. The food can get pricey on board and you want to save those hard earned dollars for your travels!

Tip #5: Always Stretch!

It is very important to stretch your legs and move about the cabin when you can. Staying mobile for hours on end doesn't do wonders for the muscles. So stretch! Rotate your ankles and move about. Your body will love you for it!

Tip #6: Glasses vs. Contacts Lenses

If you wear contacts it is best to wear your glasses while in flight as your eyes will dry out and become red because of the altitude. Give your eyes a rest and let them breathe!

Tip #7: Take Your Shoes Off and Relax!

Your feet will swell during the flight so it's best to give them freedom and room and again rotate those ankles. Just don't take your socks off unless you want to encourage feedback from the cabin ;-)

Tip #8: One Tag at a Time!

Don't leave your previous flight baggage tags on your bags. i.e Maui, Hawaii or Cozumel,Mexico.The extra baggage tags can confuse the baggage handlers and may cause delays in retrieving your luggage. You don't want your bags sent off to Japan when you are going to Vancouver do you?! :-)

Flying Tip #9: Clothing! Be Comfortable!

Dress comfortable whether you feel great in jogging pants or jeans. The best suggestion is a t-shirt and comfortable (loose) pants. Also, bring along a sweatshirt or something that you can wear as the air-conditioning can be a bit much sometimes and you don't always get a blanket. We know they keep a secret extra stash of blankets somewhere!

Flying Tip #10: Bring a Game!

There is a chance there may not be a movie so why not play a game to keep you entertained. Believe us, it can make the hours go by and your flight all the better. If you have a deck of cards or travel backgammon you will be a happy camper!

We hope these popular flying tips have helped and enjoy your flight! We wish you a safe trip from

the Team @ Eye on Vancouver! Bon Voyage!

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