Is your love life all you want it to be?
Do you have the relationship you always dreamt of?
If not, make an appointment with one of our dating and life coaches. We can help you kick start your love life.

Core Shakers professional dating and life coaches have years of experience in relationship training, coaching and life counseling.

We’ll work with you privately to create the life you want, or for groups we’ll design workshops, programs and facilitate group discussions and sessions in self esteem, relationships and interpersonal skills.

 Increase your confidence and self esteem
 Get the best out of dating
 Learn to approach people with confidence
 Explore compatibility
 Connect with the love of your life
 Build a healthy & happy relationship

Why Hire a Dating Coach?

Dating in today's world can be frustrating, especially since we often don't know what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong in attracting that elusive mate. We often place blame on silly details when sometimes all we need to do is make a few minor changes to our approach in order to see major results.

Between work, houses, family members, friends, dogs, etc., the idea of focusing on our love life looms over us like another full-time job. By hiring a Dating Coach, you narrow your focus, receive expert personalized tips on making specific changes, set goals and become accountable.

• First Impressions: Tips on the impression you give and how others perceive you. A real eye-opener filled with simple suggestions on how you can turn things around and get results.

• Image Consulting: Are you conveying an image of confidence? I am connected with several very talented Image Consultants who would be delighted to help you discover your personal style. Whether you just want to find a few outfits that look good, or you want a complete wardrobe overhaul, they are brilliant at what they do.

• Kick-starting your Love Life: You know you want to meet someone special but you just feel overwhelmed about getting more pro-active and are not sure where to start! I'll organize a personalized plan filled with tons of ideas and suggestions based on your interests and goals. You'll feel more confident and focused in no time!

• One-time Date Coaching session: Get specific questions answered or solve specific problems with a one-time session by phone or in person!

How Date Coaching works:

As a Dating Coach, I offer flexible options to help you define goals, set a personalized plan and get the results you know you deserve! Every client is different and will want to focus on different areas. We take a look at your overall picture; we define your goals and get you moving in the right direction.

Your 1st Step is to take me up on my no obligation "get to know me" offer: A FREE 45 minute Phone Consultation

My Commitment to You:

• We are your friend and ally on the road to finding your ideal partner
• We help you get rid of specific, immediate Dating Roadblocks
• We help you achieve specific, tangible Dating Results
• We are available along the way for you to ask all your questions
• We help you feel like you are not alone in your search.
• We are committed to helping you succeed.

Finding the right person can really be a fun adventure, resulting in an amazing relationship. Working with a Dating Coach makes all the difference!

Call us today for your free 45 minutes consultation meeting, this could be the best call you have ever made.

604 – 318 - 4793 (Ardin) or 604 – 506 – 0479 (Mick)


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