Solar Flare Sun Studio

by Shirley
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Welcome to Solar Flare Sun Studio located in Burnaby BC, we offer 5 levels of air-conditioned 2009 ETS tanning beds and booths in an ultra clean and sanitized state-of-the-art facility. We also carry top quality tanning lotions, Christian Audigier and Ed Hardy swimwear.

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Feb 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

I sadly have to admit I've watched it deteriorate from a small salon with great potential to an unsanitary, unwelcoming, over-priced studio that likely won't last out its second year.

Since it opened, there's been absolutely no improvements to the entire salon. Privacy doors don't open or close properly, bulbs are never changed in the beds, cleaning solution is increasingly diluted, waiting room chairs are stained and dirty from use [human and canine], and no new equipment or services have been added.
If you're lucky enough to be acknowledged in the first five minutes of entering the salon, you'll be offended by the inconvenience you appear to have caused by expecting service.
None of this justifies the outrageous and increasing prices of tanning time, lotions, and other products the store offers. Compared to four salons within a 20km radius, they are about 40% more expensive while offering no additional services.

I've witnessed several occurrences of the owner stating a clients' package is expired or that they are out of minutes and advises they need to purchase more. Upon objection by the client, the owner excuses herself and apologizes for 'misreading' her screen.
It's very clear the owner does not realize her patrons are writing her paychecks. On any given day she is gossiping or complaining about any one of her customers. She attempts to encourage group discussions about certain patrons, and one can only wonder what she says about you while you aren't present.
As a first-time business owner, she needs to brush up on how to be professional and mature.

Since the owner let go of her other employees, she feels she has been left with no other option but to bring her three dogs to work with her. Aside from having no consideration for the health of her clients, there are also concerns over safety. There have been three occurrences of her dogs biting clients; twice drawing blood. Combined, the three *bulldogs* equal at least 250lbs. They urinated inside, are aggressive towards anyone that walks through the door, shed and slobber on customers and the floor, and are left to roam around the entire business. While it is the business owners right to treat her salon as a dog house, she needs to realize her clients' rights, health, and safety should all be considered and respected if she expects patronage from them.

It's unfortunate to see a business with such potential diminish over such controllable issues. A proper business plan, more mature staff, and respect for the public are desperately needed if Solar Flare hopes to stay afloat. It's a shame for the industry to have a bad apple like this drag down the high standards that they all strive for. At a time when tanning salons are already under enough scrutiny, Solar Flare would be wise to cut their losses and close their doors.

Nov 13, 2009
Awesome Tan!!
by: Shannon

Solar Flare is the best indoor tan I have had yet! Great,clean and friendly! Keep it up!!

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