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In Canada an area code is attached to the begining of a phone number. For example my phone number includes the area code 604 and then the 7 digit number. 604-111-1111 ( not my real number )

Zip Code is a postal designation that corresponds with a given area in the United States. It's usually a 5 digit number. In Canada we don't use zip codes. In Canada we use a Postal Code. A postal code is 6 characters in length made up of 3 numbers and 3 letters. My postal code is v3m 6y2

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Vancouver Telephone Directory

Please also visit our complete Vancouver Telephone Directory to do reverse address, reverse phone number and area code/zip code searches using the Vancouver Whitepages

Vancouver is located in in the westernmost province of British Columbia in the country of Canada. With Vancouver's close proximity to the United States , Vancouver is Canada's gateway to the Pacific Rim nations and the rest of the World. Please visit these pages to learn more about British Columbia, Canada, the United States and other destinations around the World.

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